Biochem – A little dab’ll do ya

This week’s strain of the week is brought to you by Biochem! This is one of our favorite strains at Silverpeak Farms, and it makes its way into an array of our specialty products. Concentrates available include our top notch Premium Bubble Hash, exceptional Full Melt Hash, and solvent-less Rosin extract.

How does it feel?

Biochem is a very potent strain that combines the best of both head and body highs. The special balance between 40% sativa and 60% indica make it the perfect strain to take care of a few tasks and then chill out. The sativa background from parent Chemdawg 4 presents first, and fast, providing a burst of energy. The more indica-heavy Biodiesel influence kicks in next to finish out your hybrid high with a long lasting, relaxing glow.

The Silverpeak Farms research team recommends setting up your Saturday to knock out some chores, and then kick back and enjoy the rest of your afternoon in blissful relaxation. Hopefully you have access to a hammock, to lightly sway in the gentlest of summer breezes with your best friend Biochem.

How does it taste?

Biochem’s flower curls tightly into frosty little nugs accented by threads of ochre. The sticky, dense buds have a notable sweet and sour citrusy scent, and taste like a Diesel. It’s a potent flavor that lingers well after it’s consumed.

Where can I get some?

Most of the shops that carry Silverpeak Farms products will have our Biochem flower and concentrates. Concentrates available include our Premium Bubble Hash, Full Melt Hash, and Rosin. To find a store near you, use our store locator.