Let’s Concentrate on Concentrates

There’s shatter, live resin, keif, hash oil, tinctures and many more types of cannabis concentrates on the market currently. However, Silverpeak Farms focuses on two: Bubble Hash and Flower Rosin. We produce Bubble Hash and Flower Rosin because the process doesn’t strip out the natural waxes, lipids, and fats like chemically-made concentrates do. Our solvent free extraction process makes all the difference.

Bubble Hash Vs. Flower Rosin

The biggest difference between Bubble Hash and Flower Rosin is the consistency and method of consumption. Rosin is a form of hash oil that can be dabbed. Bubble Hash is often smoked and can be dabbed when it is full melt, similar to other concentrates like BHO or Live Resin.

Premium Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is created using an ice-water sieving process. During the ice-water Bubble Hash extraction process, glandular trichome heads are separated and isolated into 6 different micron sizes. Each of these 6 different sizes of trichome heads are analyzed for “meltability”. These different grades of Bubble Hash are then combined, based on meltability, into full melt and premium hash. All glandular trichome heads contain and protect a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Full Melt Bubble Hash

Full Melt Bubble Hash, in comparison to Premium Bubble Hash, consists of the glandular trichome heads that are most potent and pure. These glandular trichome heads contain and protect the hash oil which is extruded during rosin production. Bubble Hash production is the most natural state of concentrated cannabis. It can be smoked and dabbed if it is “full melt”. Full melt can be dabbed by “finger pressing” a small amount of the powdered hash between the fingers, turning it into a taffy-like consistency prior to dabbing. Full Melt can also be smoked as a bowl topper or infused into a joint, like premium bubble hash.

Flower Rosin

Flower Rosin is made using heat and pressure. All of the hash oil contained within the glandular trichome heads are expressed/extracted without chemicals using just heat and pressure. Rosin can be dabbed/vaporized just like any other concentrate on the market.

The processes may be a bit different from each other, but Bubble Hash and Flower Rosin are equally amazing cannabis products. We hope you’ve learned a little bit from this informative session. Be sure and give our concentrates a shot next time you see them on the shelves.